Friday, 19 October 2012

Links to Fleischmann DCC Conversions

Hi All,

Since the website that my robot mad relative created started to experience difficulties with the number of people viewing the Fleischmann DCC conversion pages , I have decided to add links to the PDF documents of the various conversions to this blog.
Just testing for now , but I will create a page with all the links together.

Fleischmann 1309 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 1315 BR98 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 1380 V60 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 4000 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 4000 DCC Conversion Plus Lighting

Fleischmann 4010 BR98 DCC Conversion MC2 Decoder

Fleischmann 4018 BR89 DCC Conversion MC2 Decoder

Fleischmann 4020 BR89 Installation of a DCCconcepts Decoder

Fleischmann 4028 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 4029-1321 BR80 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 4061 BR64 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 4064 BR64 DCCconcepts Decoder

Fleischmann 4064 BR64 DCC Conversion

All my conversions plus Fleischmann Info can be found on the "Illustrated Guide Fleischmann HO"
There are lots of tips on getting Locomotives to run well prior to DCC Conversion . Guides on how to add lighting, additional pick-ups, weathering and lots more.

This is available on ebay - My Items for sale on ebay

More Conversions!!!

Fleischmann 4075 BR78 DCC Conversion ESU Loksound

Fleischmann 4078 BR78 DCC Conversion ESU Loksound

Fleischmann 4081 BR81 Installation of a TCS EUN651

Fleischmann 4094 BR94 DCC Conversion TCS M1 Decoder

Fleischmann 4110 DCCconcepts Decoder with Lighting

Fleischmann 4110 DCC Conversion TCS MC2 Decoder

Fleischmann 4124 BR53 DCC Conversion DCCconcepts Decoder

Fleischmann 4124 BR53 DCC Conversion TCS MC2 Decoder

Fleischmann 4140 BR24 DCC Conversion TCS MC2 decoder

Fleischmann 4145 BR55 DCC Conversion TCS M1 Decoder

Fleischmann 4145 BR55 DCC Conversion NMRA Wiring

Fleischmann 4160 BR38 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 4162 BR038 DCC Conversion TCS M4 Decoder

Fleischmann 4170 BR01 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 4175 BR50KAB DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 4176 BR50TUB DCC Sound Conversion

Fleischmann 4177 BR50 DCC Conversion

Fleischmann 4177 BR50 DCC Conversion NMRA Wiring LED Lighting


  1. More Conversions are coming!

    1. Very well done, Ric.
      This helps me through my Fleischmann conversion projects. (I have 19 Locos of the steam and Diesel types to do.

      Cheers, keep up the good work.

      Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

    2. Hi Michael,

      Thank you , I have a few difficult ones on my work bench at the moment , so I hope to have some more to add to the blog soon. I started my first DCC Conversions with the Fleischmann BR212 (or v100) Diesels , easy to convert as they have lots of space inside. I should add the Diesels to the Conversion page as well.


  2. Hi Ric,all,how about a FL 4031?DC and runs great!Need a decoder for my DCC layout.

  3. Hi Kevin, This is basically the same as the 4030, I would use a small decoder like the TSC M4 . You may be fortunate and there is a NEM socket for your model. But unlikely so it would be a hard wire. there is a bit of room in this loco near the cab and the motor is similar to the motors in the 4000 . I do have one of these that someone changed to DCC and also put in a different motor. but ti is missing some parts that I can not get hold of at the moment. I also have one not converted as yet.

    1. Hi Ric,Thanks for the info! I have hard wired a couple of FL loks in the past.The BR91 runs very smooth on DC.Thanks again!All the best,Kev

  4. are the n scale conversions the same?

  5. Hello , Thaks for the info I have the same 4145 BR 55 that you convert with M1 decoder, but I have problem to find insulated motor shield, I read that for this model I need either 504710 / 504721 Where can I find them? thanks

  6. Hi, very interesting site but does anybody do the same thing for "N"? I am having a lot of trouble with 2 Fleischmann steam loco's. The first is a Br62 with same make decoder that will not let me renumber its running number to 62. The second one needs a lot more explanation. Thanks Alan

  7. Hi any information on DCC conversion of roco 43286 mallet Bayern please let me know Andy



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