Tuesday, 2 July 2013

An Old Fleischmann Loco Converted to DCC

Hi All,

It's been a while since I added anything to my thread , although I have done quite a bit on modelling in between.

This loco I bought as a non runner a V60 or BR260 this is an early Fleischmann model #1380 with metal body
made between 1959-1966
They are just about indestructible.
The motor would not run, when I measured it with a multimeter - it looked as if the armature coils had shorted out.

Out with the trusty IPA, and a good clean, removing Carbon and oil residue from the commutator and between the gaps,
reassembled and tested and it ran trouble free and with quite a bit of power , the motor would run at quite low voltage without stalling - just as good as a new one. Not bad for something 50 years old. thumbsup.gif

The decoder for this one is the DCCconcepts M4-SA

Having all the function wires connected to the JST plug makes wiring much easier than the mini JST on the S4-SA

The loco was not quite complete having one set of lights missing - but we will replace them with some SMDs

A little forest of SMDs each pair wired in series (tested before hand)

Then tried in place

Neat without wiring biggrin.gif

Decoder and Stay Alive in place

With all the SMDs and wiring in one piece it is just a matter of putting it in place on the loco

Then testing on the Programming track before trying on the main

I had the SMDs sticking out a little to far and broke one rolleyes.gif so a bit of patience and I managed to solder a replacement in (not easy!)

I also forgot to take Photos of the Red lights working rolleyes.gif

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