Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Weathering Fleischmann Profi Track

Hi All,

As a project I weathered some Fleischmann Profi track.

I wanted to give the turnouts a dirty "part of the maintenance yard" look using a mixture of paint and powders to get the effects required.

Track in marshalling yards, depots, stations and works areas is usually discoloured with soot, oil, rust and grime. Main line tracks are usually not as dirty just rusted and covered in lesser quantities of grime. When viewing the track on your layout, the angle of view is usually not straight down, but at an angle. The tops of the rail normally remain shiny but the sides are rusted and dirty.

Above – we have a new Fleischmann Profi double slip turnout, as would be viewed on a layout.

The sides of the rails are quite visible and detail of the rail going through the sleeper chairs stands out.

Painting the rail sides with a small brush will reduce the toylike appearance. I have tried a few different colours. Humbrol Rust Red was a bit too red and light for me, I found Tamiya XF-9 Hull Red a deeper tone , Tamiya XF-10 Brown even better , giving the appearance of rusted rail that has been rained on over a long period.

Above Humbrol Rust

The colour stands out more in reality – this is pictured on a white background but the light illuminating the scene is a warm white.


Tamiya XF-10 Brown

Take care painting the point blades – paint will stick them together. Keep a scrap of wood handy to clean the tops of the rails

Next- I made a wash of brown paint added some Pure Black weathering powder and a touch of Deep Rust. Using a spray bottle with some water and a drop of detergent I gave the track a little bit of wetting. Then using a small brush applied the wash along the rail sides and the sleepers and ballast. As the track piece was wet, the wash filled the cracks and crevices with ease.

Judge for yourself the difference left and right – it may be a compromise but it takes away the brightness and you see the details of the loco much better (And the NEM flanges are not visible)

Some of the pictures I worked from

I tried to get the colour around the same - but it is difficult.

This picture below has quite a variety of colour within meters

and comparing to a loco (Red and Black of course)

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