Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Little Repair and Conversion Work

This is a Loco I did for a fellow MRF member a truly lovely BR74 by Roco (Don't look at the Flanges Richard!)
Runs very nicely on DC but had a broken or missing Pin on part of the Drive gear.

I made a New pin out of a off cut Aluminium from an LED tail soldered in place and filed to fit

Tested and worked a treat

A little paint to blend in with the rest of the Drive gear.

Same Loco, a bit later on I Did my first NMRA 8 Pin (NEM652) DCC Conversion
I normally Hard wire most of my conversions.

This a DCCconcepts Thin series (TS4-SA) Nice elegant decoder
Just compare it to the 8 pin plug and the DCCconcepts 8 pin plug is quite small compared to others that I have cut off the harnesses .

I shortened the harness quite a bit .

The decoder plugs in at the rear of the Loco , shame there is not enough room with the plug and socket plus extra components to fit the decoder under the cover there as well.

Below Decoder in place - just before a bit of black paint is applied.

Nice loco

One thing to note about resoldering the 8 pin plugs - If you have a socket to plug into it will keep the pins in place on the body of the plug

Or failing that - I used a blob of Blu-Tack as a "socket/ Heat sink" when I soldered the wires onto the plug

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